Used Performance Cars

three BMWs on wet pavement with sun setting behind them

Stevenson Hendrick Honda Wilmington maintains a full inventory of used performance cars for our customers in Wilmington and all of the surrounding areas to select from. The styling and performance offered by these iconic muscle cars is more than enough to elevate any North Carolina drive, turning heads and inspiring envy wherever you happen to be traveling. Stevenson Hendrick Honda Wilmington is known for being the used performance car headquarters, and we’re proud to help all of our North Carolina customers find the vehicle they’ve been searching for. When you’re ready to purchase your next performance vehicle, be it a Charger, Challenger, Corvette or Camaro, come and see the performance car specialists here at Stevenson Hendrick Honda Wilmington.

brown Corvette seats
blue Corvette driving on country highway
Silver Camaro
Camaro bucket seats
Charger SRT steering wheel
blue Charger parked in front of fence
red BMW hitting its brakes
interior of BMW
Mercedes Benz Roadster driving wheel
silver Mercedes Benz parked